Business transformation is critical to the success of organisations that wish to take advantage of the human capital they employ while working market opportunities to their advantage. 

Traditional approaches to business have proven to have a shelf life that is not necessarily sustainable and the evidence of changing structures and methods of working that the workplace has seen in recent years is in some way a reflection of the need to adapt.  Human resource management has been slower to adapt to changing structures but is now realising that different methods of working requires to be match with different ways of developing.

Coaching is one of the emerging tools that is being deployed within progressive thinking organisations that realise that placing boundaries on people development places boundaries on business growth.  The term ‘business growth’ is as applicable in the private sector as the public – it simply refers to the ability to change, transform and stay ahead of the pack.

All organisations need to do this.  Coaching brings focused, fast and effective results to blockages in individuals’ and groups’ abilities to seize advantage.  Seizing advantage is what all organisations need to achieve and therefore all organisations need to consider coaching top level and senior management in how to create environments where people are enabled and empowered, shaking off old and traditional working methods.

In effect the ability to coach and be coached is central to the survival of any organisation that wishes to compete for a limited resource – the best intellectual human capital available – to create robust and sustainable working environments where success is not an option but viewed as the only path available.


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