Your brand’s reputation online is more important than ever. According to 65% of online users rely on web search to find information on people and companies. One of the tools that helps businesses with this purpose is social media. Scratch that; it’s currently THE tool for businesses.

Around 92%  of the marketers surveyed for the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report called this tool vital for their businesses. Moreover, 90% revealed that social media increases their exposure, whereas 69% praised it for its ability to develop loyal fans.So, clearly, if you haven’t already done so, you should begin branding yourself through social media. has a great article on How to Build Your Brand Name Through Social Media which contains four tips to get you started.

  1. Carefully select the social media platform you’ll use.
    There are many social media platforms for you to pick from to begin your branding journey. However, you need to carefully choose the right one to prevent yourself from being spread too thin
  2. Keep imagery consistent throughout your social media accounts.
    Branding is all about imagery.
  3. Create valuable and shareable content.
    Most businesses make the mistake of producing content only they’d want to read, or else they simply meet the deadlines marked on their publishing calendars. What you should be focusing on is how to create useful content that your readers won’t think twice about sharing.
  4. Take part in the discussion.
    One of the important ways of generating a fan base and building your audience is to socialize your content.

So, take heed and follow these tips and read the full article here. Because if you ignore social media marketing, your brand may well begin vanishing in no time. Get busy. Get your brand name out there and if you need help contact LIMITLESS Scotland.




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