The National Standard, Investors in People is still by far the best tool to develop a positive and supportive workplace environment. The Standard began life back in the 1990s and has undergone many updates and changes to keep it relevant and current for the modern workforce.

At its heart the Standard has always held that simply meeting a list of requirements is not enough to satisfy the recognition process, there must be an adherence to the spirit of what the Standard expects organisations to achieve. Many organisations take their first steps towards recognition by undertaking an audit of their current practices and draw up an action plan of any perceived gaps. Filling the gaps can take time, dependent upon the type of actions that have been identified. To truly embed the spirit of Investors in People can take anything up to two years. The reason for this is simply: most organisations need to align their strategic intent with their processes and it takes time for a full business cycle to fully evaluate the impact that any developments have taken.

Evaluation and renewing or improving practices is a fundamental principle of Investors in People which means that by embarking on the Investors journey you are committing your organisation to continuous improvement. Investors in People can help organisations grow and develop in many ways, it changes culture, breading a can do attitude and it sits well with other improvement tools such as ISO, EFQM, LEAN management and many other sector specific tools.




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