The availability and accessibility of extremely qualified professionals who have decided to leave the corporate world, coupled with the changes in technology, is enabling businesses to successfully outsource tasks, such as marketing, copywriting, PR, training, design and business development.  Subcontracting the business means that paying overheads associated with payroll, pension, taxes and expenses are removed, and you get more office space.

‘Staffing is one of the biggest challenges for businesses together with the continuity of service when valued employees either leave or are sick.’ says Helen Forrest, Director of LIMITLESS Scotland. ‘Building your business with the help of an outside professional who is retained by you can offer stability and increased efficiency and economies of scale. For many, outsourcing may be daunting but it shouldn’t be.  It is a business model that provides multiple benefits, enabling organisations to achieve business objectives, add value, tap into a resource base and mitigate risk.’

‘It has been said that outsourcing is set to become the industrial revolution of the 21st century and the Outsourcing in 2020 report by the National Outsourcing Association makes for interesting reading.  It indicates that outsourcing is set to grow between now and 2020, with both service providers and their clients in favour of sharing risk in order to reap greater rewards by working together.  A new breed of niche, specialist service providers such as LIMITLESS Scotland are set to gain significant market share and the speed and willingness of established companies to adapt and develop will determine who wins and who loses in 2020.’

The National Outsourcing Association has now published its Outsourcing Yearbook 2016 which predicts what the face of modern outsourcing will look like in five years’ time. The results are extremely positive and forecast significant change.

Commenting on the research Kerry Hallard, Chief Executive, National Outsourcing Association said: ‘The picture that Outsourcing in 2020 has painted is that of a dynamic, new outsourcing ecosystem, with the industry set to become simultaneously more collaborative and more competitive. A new breed of niche, specialist service providers is set to gain significant market share from their larger competitors. Established outsourcing giants will need to partner with their smaller adversaries or, in some cases, face extinction.’

‘The drivers motivating companies to outsource are changing and in a thoroughly contemporary manner. Yes, cutting costs was still a significant driver – it always is – but for the first time we saw accessing new digital technology and improving the end-customer experience were comparably popular as reasons to outsource.’

Services primed for outsourcing include:


There are really no secrets when it comes to good marketing and most of the tools, tips and tricks can be found (for free) on the web.  However knowledge is one thing, having the skills, time and motivation to put it into practice is completely another. Outsourcing marketing offers a marketing department if you don’t have one or more creative and strategic solutions if you do. It can save money, improve quality and can provide marketing expertise that many companies lack.

Social media

Social Networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and You Tube are all free to use – well sort of. Time is money, and if you don’t have time for Social Media or, perhaps more importantly, the development of a Social Media Strategy then outsourcing makes perfect sense.

Web design

Having a great business website is a necessity these days, with a website being the first introduction that potential clients will have to your brand. Unless you have been trained as a web designer, you will most likely need to outsource this task. 

Blog/Content Management 

Content is king on the web and great blog/content management can help to significantly increase your reach to customers and help build a stronger relationship with your current clients. It is an essential part of driving website traffic to your business and promoting you as an expert in your niche. But what business owner has time to write a new blog or post everyday? Outsourcing to a professional is a great way of investing in your brand.

Press releases

Issuing press releases to raise awareness is time-consuming and requires strong writing skills and a network of contacts.  Outsourcing means you will get the publicity you can afford without the need to establish a dedicated in house team.

Event management

Events can include conferences, launch parties, meetings, fundraisers etc and requires that certain calibre of professional who can remain calm under pressure, think creatively and negotiate a good deal. Not you?  Then it makes sense to outsource this to a specialist.


LIMITLESS Scotland provides a range of specialist services to help with outsourcing. To find out more or have a chat with us please and we will get in touch.



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