An organisation should commit to content marketing by really looking at their own channels, blogs, podcasts, magazines, webinars, and events, in order to position itself as the expert in the provision of its relevant products and services. In essence to commit to content marketing it needs to join the dots and maximise the return from every single piece of content it produces, through authority, trust, ownership and consistency. Some important information on content marketing is given below:

  1. What is content marketing?

    “There is a lot of confusion about what content marketing is and isn’t, but it’s generally agreed that at the heart of it is the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” CIM

  2. Plan and integrate

    Define any content marketing goals around your wider business aims rather than treating it as a marketing campaign. Then build an integrated plan to deliver the content, and be clear on which channels and platforms you will use. Remember ‘call to action’ and direct people back to your website.

  3. Commit to content

    Staff within your organisation need to support any content creation. If applicable allow the engagement with customer services and teams who meet more real customers than anyone else, and talk to customers so as to find out what their needs and priorities are. Then create and publish material that is unique and relevant to your audience. The key is to add value. treat their content with as much respect as publishers do. Invest in it, commit to it, nurture it and grow it

  4. Stay focused

    Commit to researching areas of content marketing that are likely to work best for your organisation from the myriad of options available. Another reason you should focus on creating solid content on a regular basis is so your website is considered a reliable source and will be found on search engines. When search engine algorithms see that you are updating your website and adding pages of content regularly, they view you as a real source rather than a spam webpage. This way your website will be considered a trusted source and you will rank higher in organic searches.

  5. Define your content narrative

    Don’t launch a strategy until you are committed to defining its content narrative, and you’ve found your voice and influence as the leading expert in the provision of your products and services.

  6. See it as ongoing

    Content marketing shouldn’t be seen as a one off exercise. You will need to publish regular, high quality content that responds to your audience needs and delivers value to them.

  7. Be proactive

    Don’t wait for your audience to find your content. Find out where they spend time on and offline, and place relevant and compelling content in those locations.

  8. Make it easy for people to share your content

    As well as producing content that people want to share, you should make it easy for them to share.

  9. Partner with other publishers

    Broaden your reach by getting your content published on other people’s platforms. Ways to help you achieve this include developing a content marketing calendar, and delivering regular, unique and valuable content.

  10. Optimise for search

    Ensure that all content is optimised for search by doing your keyword investigation to increase your natural search traffic, as well as being creative with linking your campaigns. Search engines reward businesses that publish high quality and consistent content.

  11. Be accountable

    As you embark upon the content marketing journey, be prepared to be accountable to the needs of your audience and take responsibility to maintain the relationship you plan to build with them.

  12. Measure and evaluate

    This is an area that can be particularly lacking. From social tracking to link sharing, use all available metrics and tools, such as Google Analytics, and measure everything you do.

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